Protocol Security Agency

Security Applicant Guidelines

Please review our security employment application process.
Individuals seeking positions as a Security Guard must complete the “PSA Employment Application” in this section,
as well as the “MSP Security Guard Application” in the Maryland State Police section.

If you are currently licensed as a Security Guard with Maryland State Police credentials,
please only fill out the “PSA Employment Application”.

When you have completed your respective employment application(s), please save the application onto your computer in a PDF format and then submit the formatted PDF employment application(s) to Protocol Security Agency
at “APPLY TODAY” located at the bottom of the Employment section.

Security Applicants Must:

  • 1 Review only MSP Application (State Certification of Licenses Application)
    • PSA will process your License Application with the Maryland State Police
    • Licensing and Permitting based on MSP Certification for employment
  • 2 Complete PSA Employment Interactive Application
    • Attachments are not required at the Interactive Application process
  • 3 Complete PSA Transfer of Certifications, if already Certified with MSP
    • PSA will process Transfer of Certifications with the Maryland State Police
  • 4 Email completed forms to
  • 5 Conduct a telephone and/or a face-to-face interview with PSA Recruiter
  • 6 Signed waivers authorizing PSA to conduct Background Investigations

PSA Security Requirements

After fulfilling the required training programs, you will be eligible to obtain licensed firearms. We also offer a discount on your training needs if you fulfill the criteria.

PSA Security Employees Will Be Required To:

  • 1 Complete a twenty (20) hour training program
  • 2 Maintain a professional uniformed and groomed appearance
  • 3 Adhere to PSA guidelines and general contractor security guidelines
  • 4 Present a DOT CDL medical exam report within 90 days after employment

PSA Security Employees Will Have The Opportunity To:

  • 1 Obtain an HQL to be an armed security guard
  • 2 Obtain firearms handgun qualification training
  • 3 Attend a 16 hour (2 days) wear and carry training class
  • 4 PSA will discount all training session fees to prospective employees

Living Wage Requirements

Living wage requirements has service contracts with the State of Maryland as a prime contractor or a sub-contractor for unarmed security guard and patrol services.

PSA must adhere to the Living Wage Requirements for Service Contracts.

Living Wage Requirements for Service Contracts:

Tier 1 Area includes Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Baltimore Counties, and Baltimore City.

Contractor and sub-contractors are subject to pay each employee at least $13.96 per hour under the stipulated guidelines of the “Living Wage Law.”

Tier 2 Area includes the other Maryland Counties that are not listed in Tier 1 Area, and each covered employee shall be paid at least $10.49 per hour.